happy blogbirthday to me!

Okay my blogbirthday is actually tomorrow but I like to stick to my Wednesday need.want.love. format so I am celebrating early (but not actually with cake).

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It is pretty amazing to think that it has been 364 days since I started this. I seriously thought I'd never make it to a year.  Writing a blog seems like a great idea until you realize to be effective you need to write pretty much everyday and not just write anything, write something people want to read!  That can be a pretty tall order some days.  But after a while, just like anything, it becomes a habit and your brain begins to think like a blogger, picking up ideas everywhere you go.

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It has become easier; I have certainly improved in my writing, imagery and posting consistency (OMG please don't go back and read anything past say March- embarrassing) but the blog has a long way to go for it to be something I can say I'm really proud of.  For now I will just be proud that I made it a year and that there is someone reading this thing- thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!

Here are a few highlights, proud moments and favorite posts from this year...

happy monday

my letterpress finally

thank God for good friends

the most wonderful time of the year


staying creative

happy friday


Thanks again for reading- improvements coming soon!!! xoxox