the most wonderful time of the year

shhhhhhheeeeeeew, that is the sound of me exhaling with relief.  I am not sure how I survived the Christmas season, it was just craziness- as you know and probably experienced yourself.  Amidst all of the chaos I had a wonderful new experience this Christmas, that things I designed and made with my own hands were given as gifts- by someone other than me!  I didn't realize how I would feel the moment an excited husband came to pick up a special gift for his wife, or when someone ordered a piece saying, "my sister has been wanting this necklace".  It is such a great feeling to know that your work is the special gift someone is giving their loved one, experiencing that for the first time was such an awesome feeling, it makes me smile just thinking about it.:)

Here is a little example of what I'm talking about.


This is a mobile upload to Facebook with the caption; "I cried when I opened it.  Thank you for the best present ever.  Love you!!!!".  This is a picture of my best friend Nikki, on Christmas day, after she opened a gift from her sister, a custom necklace I made.:) 

the inspiration for the necklace...

(I know, she is gorgeous but look at her wrist)


 The best reward for my hard work, happy people.:)