oh, the technology!

I have been wanting an iphone for awhile but when you sign your own pay check you start to think a little differently about spending your money.  My Droid has become increasingly unreliable, pictures and messages disappearing for no reason and since I do rely on my phone for my business and to help me get pretty much everywhere (thank God for GPS, I can't find my way out of a paper bag), the day has come for an upgrade- yay!

And now the search starts for the perfect case, not sure which way to go...

I love all the Kate Spade ones.


These make me feel good & remind me of Kauai:)



Fun patterns.


There are also some great photograph ones out there, these both from Etsy shops, fundakcases and SSCPhotographycases

Embarrassed to admit I kind of dig some of these bedazzeled ones, this one is from Etsy shop nieleilei.

 What does your favorite phone case look like???

Oh the choices!  Better decide soon before I scuff it all up.