studio ria

I mentioned last week that I met some pretty cool people at Crafty Feast, Maria Fabrizio of Studio Ria.  Maria and I got our chat on at the show as I admired her letterpress business cards(with gorgeous blue edging).

Of course I had to check out her work as soon as I got home, some of which happens to be the marketing materials for The Indie Grits Festival (Crafty Feast was a small part of the festivities).


How fun to run into creative people.  I just love Maria's work, so clean and creative. 

A few examples for you...

So sweet! LOVE. <3


Studio Ria, making newsletters fun!

Could this be any cuter???

There is so much more to see on her website,  Now when you need things like this (as in cool, thoughtful, creative and professional) you know where to go!  Gotta support my VCU peeps!  Maria is also a VCU grad- go rams!:)