This has been another crazy week!  I'm preparing for several upcoming shows, one being the All Arts Market on 5/18 and researching other show opportunities in NC and surrounding states (which is a total overwhelming process!). 


Last night I attented the AIGA (the American Institue of Graphic Design) State of the Union Annual Meeting and Silent Auction.  It made me remember how much I love being around designers. 

It has been almost one year since I left my job at Knoll and although I have no regrets, I do miss the annual sales meeting where we would all gather together and learn about the new product introductions, new research, the state of the company and best of all the (I'm not sure what to call it) "pep rally".  I loved the presentations, so pulled together and designed and listening to the product designers and marketing team talk so passionately about their work and all the thought and process behind it's creation (imagine a Steve Jobs product introduction).  That scenario makes my heart beat faster, inspiration running through my veins, new ideas starting to take root and I leave with the feeling that I can do it, I am one of them, a true designer, an artist and I am going to get out there and kick some tail!  Yeah!

Deep breath, deep breath, and breathe.

I obviously got a little bit of that last night.

And I got to bid on some fabulous things at the auction!

Two favorites which I did not win were a hand printed pillow from {me}longings studio.

And the Bucket-It, Bucket from Not Made in China.  Love this button, it was a huge hit.

I donated one of my Viva gold bracelets

 There was realy no time for pictures with all the bidding I was doing.  It can get pretty competitive which is the whole fun of it.  I went home with a $50 gift certificate for Modern Fabrics, a $75 gift certificate for Sky's the Limit cakes, I wish I would have taken a picture of the little cake bites they had provided for the event, delicious and beautiful and this great poster print by Tad Carpenter.


Aww, so sweet!  What a great way to start the weekend, happy Friday!