the blvd

Today is an exciting day!  In a few hours I'll be heading over to The Boulevard at South End to set up a selection of my work in the store- wahoo!

It has been on my to-do list to get over to The Blvd at South End to check out the new location at the corner of Dalton and S. Tryon.  I finally made my way over there this week and it has topped my list as the place to go when I'm looking for a gift.  Before I even walked into the store I saw 3 things in the window I had to have.

I snapped a few pics with my phone before I tried on about half a dozen gorgeous and affordable dresses. 

Okay, well I was going to show you some pics but my Droid is a POS and all the pics have mysteriously disappeared.  Damn it, I need an i-phone!!!!

You'll have to live with a pic of my jewelry...


Those are the Durango earrings and I love this pic taken by a happy new owner!  Isn't she cute?  Love that.:)



There is a lot going on in the area this weekend, with First Friday gallery crawl, Food Truck Friday and Fashion Soul at Amos's South End, you have more than one reason to head over to the Blvd and check out the goods, you won't be disappointed!

Oh, and don't forget you have until Sunday night to get $10 off your order at, use code LOVEMOM at checkout.

Happy Cinco De Mayo!