el mac


I found something new to save for.

This is “Ixtaccihuatl”, a print by "El Mac" also known as Miles MacGregor.

Some how while surfing the net I stumbled across these amazing works , if I was looking for something this beautiful I would have never found it.


The work above "Collige, Virgo, Rosas", is one of the rare pieces done on canvas.  Most of El Mac's work is done on concrete and the paint comes out of a can.





You will often see the stylized letters and colorful background graphics of Retna paired with El Mac's photorealisic works, the juxtaposition is brilliant.

El Mac was born to an Engineer and an artist in 1980, kinda like me (except my Dad is an architect and I was born in 1982 (which is important because I still have a month and a half before I'm 30) and of course I don't have the talent El Mac has in his little finger).

Mac really got into painting as a young teen.  Inspired by the masters of classic art as well as religious, Mexican, pop and pin-up art, El Mac's treatment of his subjects is tender and astute.  El Mac has done plenty portraits of men but I am really in love with his women and children, they are truly lovely.




"Miracle" (this one might be my favorite)


"La Reina de Thai Town"


"Young Scribe"


"The Voice of Reason"


"Turk and Gough"






"Dia de Muertos en Pomuch"


"Ave Maria"


"La Brea and Third"


painted at RVCA hedquarters




"Aedifica" (another favorite)


"Milano Maddona"


I found a video on El Mac's blog and he isn't quite what I expected, I guess the "El" threw me off.  It is amazing to watch him paint and the crazy thing is- it looks like he pretty much does his work free hand.  I can't imagine having that God given talent and honed skill- check some of it out...


El Mac's expert use of light and shadow might seem to be what makes the pieces so striking but there is something else there that you may not be able to put your finger on, it's a sort of sweet soulfulness, an appreciation of life under that paint- that is what makes them so beautiful.