i'd been waiting...

I LOVE getting things in the mail.  That's an extra bonus with the business, almost all of my supplies has to be ordered so I'm always getting boxes and envelopes filled with goodies.  I know that sounds kind of silly, especially if you knew what was in the boxes- mostly sheet or wire sterling silver, saw blades, drill bits, chemicals and the occasional small tool.  Sometimes I do get to order fun things, like a set of custom stamps, I've been waiting for them all week and they finally came in the mail yesterday!

(notice my lazy dog on the couch in the background)

I say "they finally came" but they shipped out the day I ordered them, which was Monday so I shouldn't act like it took a long time.  Wednesday I was acting like an 8 year old and watching for the mail man out my studio window, when I saw him drive by I ran out there but no stamps on Wednesday.  Okay, I did the same thing on Thursday but what ev- it's the small things in life.

A little test-a-roo:

And then off to stamping:

These are the bags I stamped for Crafty Feast which is Saturday!  Yay!  I've been prepping for weeks now and of course whatever I do it just doesn't seem like it's enough so I'm trying not to get all stressed out about it. If you want to have some fun come out to the Indie Grits Festival (Columbia, SC)- enjoy some bands, beers and stop into the convention center to check out all the fab art at Crafty Feast!

Oh, if you are interested in getting some custom stamps for yourself and can provide your own art work Simon Stamps are really inexpensive and fast.  And I completely recommend going with Color Box stamp pads, don't cheap out on the pad you might be sorry.

Have a great weekend!!!