what you missed

Thank you so much to all those who came out to crafty feast this weekend! It was a hit and staying up (litterally) all night the night before definitely paid off.  It was also so wonderful to have my table next to my friend Nikki Mueller of Not Made in China.

It made it so much more fun!

In the seven hours of the show I didn't have time to leave my table (which is wonderful, I'm not complaining) that means I didn't get the chance to check out all the other wonderful tables there.  But I did manage to spend some of my hard earned cash...

Love. - even though when I came home and showed Jeremy my new tote he said, "you're such a tote bag person" which sort of made me cringe but I'll take the title for this one.

Gotta show some love...



Come see me at the All Arts Market on May 18th at the Neighborhood Theater (511 E 36th St., Charlotte, NC)


Cheers to a productive week!:)