for the love of prints

There's so much to say about {me}longings studio and Chanee Vijay, the creative brain behind these eco-friendly, hand made- yet modern, to-die for textile prints.  But today because of my deadlines I'm sticking solely to the art.

I'm in love with Chanee's new collection so I thought I'd share...







One day I hope to have a big stack like this one sitting on my couch. 

And in stead of picking them up from Chanee directly, I'll have to have them sent to me because the sad thing about all of this is that Chanee is moving from Charlotte to Philadelphia!  We just recently met and I think to myself- wow, so glad to find cool, creative people here and *poof* she's leaving.:(

If you've ever met her you'd understand- she'll have you at hello.;)

Check out her design process...

Isn't she so cute?  And now you must go check out her blog, filled with all cool things design.  You'll love it I promise.