things "organized" neatly

Since things have been so crazy and we are literally living in a construction zone- where it is common to find a crowbar next to my silverware or my spices (currently residing in a card board box) on top of Jeremy's tool chest.  It's a total cluster at our house and I am craving some order. 

Thanks to the quirky website, Things Organized Neatly, for giving my jumbled brain a 30 minute break.

Of course as I'm scanning through the images I start to wonder why in the world people are taking these pictures...

I just HAD to lay out all my random green items and document their existence.  Riiiiighhht.


Someone saved these silica gel packs until they had enough that they felt they had to lay them all out and once again document the fact that they are a pack rat. 

I do think there are good reasons to lay things out neatly, like to show ingredients in a recipe...




love that.

or when displaying a collection of things in a museum or shop...



very logical.

or to show off your cool products that you're trying to get people to buy...




(this a Warby Parker Ad)

So cool.

It's funny though, in the 6 months of posts I looked through, there were literally only 3 pictures where items were actually organized in a true home, by that I mean a place that they belong and would be used- like true organization.  One was a suuper rich person's closet, one was a desk drawer and then here are some templates hung in a studio.

Don't you think these tools would be happier in a tool box or a peg board instead of floating in nothingness?

And then there are so many more random posts...

This person needs to spend less time "organizing" their nail polishes and more time cleaning that nasty carpet -gross.


True OCD.


Once again a sickness, not cool.


Another kind of sickness.  There really aren't words for this one.


Annnnyway, next time I'm craving organization I think I'll spend the 30 minutes and head over to the container store.  Until then enjoy the wackiness of Things Organized Neatly.

Happy Thursday! :)