a little personal

As usual things have been crazy around the studio, as well as around our house.

I think I've mentioned we are doing a little kitchen renovation so our lives are pretty much turned upside down at the moment.  The kitchen isn't the only thing that has us a little excited...


This might confuse you if you didn't know my husband's last name is Pruett, I kept my last name in order to confuse everyone and make things difficult.;)

Yes, come February there will be some big (and very welcome) changes at the Munoz-Pruett house when Jeremy and I bring our first addition to our family into the world. 

For the next 21 weeks I will try not to annoy you with too much baby talk.  I know that if you're not pregnant it can be super annoying to listen to someone going on and on AND on about their aches and pains and disgusting body changes and whatever else they can't stop talking about. I do have to say, now that I am pregnant I understand that a little better.  Pregnancy is no joke and I have a whole lot more respect for moms now that I've gotten a little taste of  what carrying and growing a baby is like- holy *&%!.

I also never knew how exciting this would be and how full of love I already am for this person making a home inside of me, I'm sure it will be the greatest thing I ever do.

And as a proud mom to be, I am practically obligated to share some pictures with you. :)



July 19, our first sonogram @ 8 weeks.  To see that little heart beat is the most amazing thing.  And just to put you at ease, it is completely normal to have those holes in the head at this stage :)



Looking a little more like a baby on August 2 @ 10 weeks.


September 28 @18 weeks, we have an uncooperative baby that doesn't want us to have a cute picture of it.



I'm sure that foot is disproportionate to the baby's body, please cross your fingers my baby doesn't inherit it's Dad's size 13s!


I can stop saying "it" now because we know we are having a boy!  And there is a picture of my son's private parts, I'm sure at some point in the future he'll be thrilled I posted this on the web for all to see.  

So now we can get back to non baby things.:)

Oh, P.S.- baby name sugestions welcome!

Now we can get back to non baby things.