who do you know that is incredibly talented????

I know my blog is totally random most of the time.  I do try to write about things I find interesting in the design and art world and then there is all the random stuff about me and my house and whatever else.  I'm not sure I'll really ever be able to get away from that format, it's just kind of me. 

To bring a little more cohesiveness and originality to the blog I'd like to start connecting with more artists, designers, crafts people, whatever you want to call them and share their amzingness with you.  There are so many incredibly talented, creative people out there, busting their butts, living the dream, full of ideas and passion for what they do. I practically get high being around those kind of people. So I thought since we can all use some inspiration it would make sense for me to find said people and share them with you. 

Of course that's where the trouble comes in.  I only know a few of these kind of people and that's where I need your helpPLEASE let me know who you know that is incredibly talented- they don't have to be an "artist" but they do have to do something creative.  I know everyone reading this knows at least one person they could share with me so starting thinking!  Oh and even if you don't actually know the person but you've heard about them or read an article or saw their stuff in a shop, that's good enough for me.  Everyone likes to be recognized, even if it's from a fellow artist and lowly blogger like me. :)  So help us out and let me know who you know.