danny lane

 I did manage to do something fun this weekend that was on my list of potential things to get into, even though my piece of poo cell phone almost put a stop to the whole thing- but that is a story for another day.  For the first time (it's so sad that this is the first time) I went to the Mint Museum Uptown accompanied by two of my oldest and dearest friends.

 Threshold 2010

The Mint Uptown is really a wonderful experience and if you haven't been you must go, there is really something for everyone there, a nice mix of exhibits.  I forgot to bring my camera because I'm truly a mess so since I have no pictures of my own to share I thought I'd share the work of one of the featured artists, Danny Lane.

Threshold was commissioned by the Mint for the opening of the new location last year.  It is stunning mesmerizing and beautiful.  And some how there is something about all the color that reminds me of my childhood, some toy or game but I can't quite put my finger on it.

This an excellent video showing the construction and thought process behind Threshold.  It's funny I always envision great artists a certain way and Danny Lane really isn't who I'd envision to be Danny Lane (at least physically), watch Danny put Threshold together potbelly, cargo shorts and all...

Threshold from Danny lane on Vimeo.


 More of Danny's amazing works...

 Parting of the Waves 2003

 Lock Level Line 2003

Myochikai 1995

stairway 2005

Danny Lane also has had quite a bit of success with furniture, this is one of my favorite pieces, a massive table.  How something can be so organic and modern at the same time I will never know.

Burr Elm 2005

Inspiring, Danny Lane and the Uptown Mint, if you are looking for some you now know where to go.  I love this picture, such and "artist" picture, one day I hope to be the artist that takes my dog everywhere.