show off

Well the holidays seem to already be in full swing, radio stations playing non stop carols and window displays drenched in red, green, silver and gold.  I have on my to-do list to get my Christmas cards out this weekend along with my marketing mailer, this to-do got me thinking that the holidays are really a wonderful opportunity to show what excellent taste you have in paper products.

Here are some favs via Etsy...

Chauhie $18 for a set of 6

Afavorite $5.00 each

Afavorite $16 for 6

Wildinkpress $14 for 6

Echoletterpress $20 for 8

Vandaliastreetpress $28 for 12

Vandaliastreetpress $28 for 12

Paperlovelypress $15 for 6

Lizardpress $18 for 6

That's it next year it's letterpress baby!  I better start saving for them now...

If anyone needs a name I work with a great local letterpress company, just say the word.