what to do, what to do?

I've been feeling uninspired the last few days so I am already trying to map out my weekend to see if I can turn this ship around.

Discovery Place has a new exhibit; Mummies of the World, where they show off the largest collection of mummies and artifacts ever assembled.

I've always been fascinated with Egyptian history and science but this exhibit is not limited to Egyptian Mummies as this video points out. The video seems pretty thorough and if I'm paying $24 to get in I want some surprises.


There is the Charlotte Rock for Peace at Home event at the Neighborhood Theater, Saturday night, $12 in advance, $16 at the door. 

3 Charlotte based bands; The New Familiars, Actual Proof, and Lamb Handler, by the sound of things it's an eclectic mix, not to try to pretend like I know anything about the local music scene, I had to google the bands.:)  I love Actual Proof's latest album cover...

It's too bad their music makes we want to poke myself in the eye, there are no lyrics just mind numbing xylophones, drums, guitar and synthesizer- I am shuddering just at the thought.

I might stop by the Mint Museum to check out the the collages of Charlotte born Romare Bearden.  You can learn more about Romare Bearden by listing to this NPR report on Bearden and the National Gallery of Art's exhibit that is now here in Charlotte!

I will miss The Beaujolais Festival, a celebration of the first grape harvest of the year, because it conflicts with the All Arts Market this Friday (6-10pm @ the neighborhood theater) which I hope you are planning on coming to.:)  But feel free to buy $30 tickets to the wine tasting at the Levine Museum of The New South this Friday, which also starts at 6pm and then come to see me the All Arts Market!

Ah, who am I kidding I will probably just end up working and than making some time for cleaning, painting my nails, making some soup and curling up on the couch to watch my netflix obsession, Dexter.

If you know of any inspiring weekend activites please, let me know, I know my couch will not miss me!