back in saddle

You might have noticed that I haven't mentioned much about jewelry lately.  It's because I haven't been doing anything related to jewelry, just surviving.  I have said it before but I am finally back in the saddle.

What really did it for me was looking at all I want to accomplish this year- which is a whole hell of a lot.  I realized if I want to get all this done I gotta giddy up.  My calendar is filling up fast with events, training, shows, and deadlines- this pressure is the best way to get me motivated and I do my best work under pressure.  Anyway... 

For any jewelers or fashion designers out there I wanted to share this great resource with you, The L2 Digital IQ Index: Luxury 2010 which takes a look at 72 luxury brands website's to measures the effectiviness of  their website, social media efforts, digital marketing, and mobile.

Learn from the best right?  And just to save you some reading the findings from this report is that innovative social media programs are the key to success these days- duh.

Have a great weekend!