some info for the jewelry folks

I just talked about being back in the saddle and now I am not feeling well again.  Please cross your fingers I am not getting sick for the second time in 2011!  I have waaaaaay too much to get done to be messing around with a cold again! 

Even though I don't feel great and this is actually the second time I am writing this blog- darn computers-  I still wanted to share a little something with you this glorious Monday.  And that is a great jewelry website called

My Mom is always looking out for me and sent me a link to a blog featured on this website- thanks Mom!  This is great stuff people, so while you are bored at work and you are counting the seconds till you can leave your little cubical and till it is finally Friday once again.  Pretend like you are working and go to this site to check out all of the great info available.  If any of this interests you, another really, really great jewelry website is, excellent, excellent site.

Remember we are now one day closer to Friday.:)