gotta give a shout out

It is really amazing the similarities between a dentist and a jeweler.

We use a lot of the same tools- files, drills, burs, flex shaft and wax carving tools, our job is an art dealing with tedious, tiny, fine details, and you pay a lot of money for our services- which are totally worth it, of course.:) 


I have had some really bad dental work in the past- I mean horrendous and in my opinion completely negligent.  I am soooooo luck to have found a wonderful dentist, Dr. Sturner (above back left- love that guy), who I completely trust., I wouldn't go to anyone else. 

I had to have a filling replaced this week and Dr. Sturner thought that there was a possibility that I might need a crown but before he started drilling the staff called my insurance to make sure that I was covered for a crown incase I ended up needing one instead of a filling (about a $1,000 difference).  I was really lucky and with Dr. Sturner's patience and skill I managed to get by with a filling- thank God! 


 Yes, that is the chair I laid in for two hours while Dr. Sturner worked his magic.  I am sort of a freak about my teeth, I have bad dreams about damaging my teeth.  When I was on the dive team in high school I was not worried about hitting my head on the board I was worried that if I did I would mess up my teeth.  I can watch you draw blood out of my arm all day long but teeth and dental work really give me the willies.  When I think about having to have another crown I could cry- not because of pain or fear, it is just the thought that I messed up the perfect teeth God gave me and I can never go back.  I know, I am weirdo, but if you think about it, its true!  Anyway gotta give it to Dr. Sturner and his crew of wonderful ladies for their excellent customer service and care.  They really care about doing what is best for their patients not using you for the down payment on their new Mercedes.  And since I hate feeling like I ruined my once perfect teeth Dr. Sturner makes them look like new, for real, check out the before and afters.  So the point is if you are in Charlotte and need a good Dentist Dr. Sturner is your guy!










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