show off

I'm sorry but I really have to show off some of my Christmas presents.  I am just excited about them and you know I am excited about something I buy or am given when I must use it immediately.  My husband jokes that I'm a redneck because I'll wear my new shoes out of the store if I love them enough- its not redneck, its love!

digital calipers- they are awesome.

round bracelet mandrel

 mulitdirectional vise

this ring sizer makes me feel super legit:)  Thanks Gramma and Papaw!

some reading...

Love Vogue Italia

This has been on the wish list ever since it was first published...

It was well worth the wait:)

There's nothing like Cartier

feeling super inspired!  Thanks mom and Dad!

 Off to enjoy my gifts and the time off from my day job!  Have a great day!