interesting people

2010 has been a decent year but I am convinced that 2011 will be spectacular, I just know it.

Most of the highlights of 2010 were in the people I have met along the way.  When I meet another creative person that is really doing something with their creativity I get super worked up, it's actually a little embarrassing because I just can not stop talking, I end up going on and on and on.  I can help it, I just get so genuinely excited to meet someone that is really making it happenI get a little out of control.  One of those people I just recently met, she is the lovely, the talented Nikki Mueller...

In addition to Nikki's full time job in marketing she runs Not Made In China.  Nikki uses her clever wit and graphic design talents to make Not Made in China, not made in China.  I think most of her products are actually made in Nikki's Charlotte, NC bedroom- we are going to have to help her with a little more room because as you can see above she has a whole lot going on.  Let me show you a little of what Nikki does...

clever buttons, bottle openers and magnets with local flare...











pretty pocket mirrors

smart ass cards

There is a whole lot more but you will have to go check it out on Nikki's website; and while you are there, read her fabulous blog.  (One of my rings made it on to Nikki's blog on 12/13:))

I am such a sucker for local products and well done graphics, Nikki even does custom products.  These are great stocking stuffers- for next year, house warming, welcome to Charlotte gifts and they are affordable so go out and buy so so Nikki can stop making these in her bedroom, she really needs a place to sleep.

Happy New Year!