square up

Just wanted to share this little baby with you, its pretty cool if you are in the business of making and of course collecting cash.

It is called Square, it attaches to your smart phone or iPad and allows you to swipe credit cards anywhere!  First download the app, plug in square, enter the amount of the transaction or select from products you have already entered into the system and swipe your customers credit card.

Your customer is then prompted to sign for their purchase and enter an email address to have their electronic receipt sent to them. 

The other great thing is there is no cost for the card reader, no contract and no monthly fees!  But Jack Dorsey (the creator of Twitter and Square- duh) has to make money so you pay a very reasonable $0.15 per swipe plus 2.75% of your sale or 3.5% if you manually enter the credit card number, these fees are pretty much on par with other credit card processors but you get the very cool and tiny swiper for free and you are completely mobile and paper free!

I love this idea, I just ordered mine about a week ago (this is why I bought my Driod Incredible).  If you google Square Up you will see some great reviews and you will no doubt run into the question, "where is my reader?!"  Apparently these readers are going like hot cakes so if you are interested in this service I'd go ahead and order it even if you don't need it right away. So head on over to Squareup.com to learn about this awesome service so maybe you will get your reader by next Christmas.