happy halloween!!!!

It is a little crazy that when I write my next entry it will be NOVEMBER!!!!  Where did October go?  Seriously!?  I consider myself a pretty creative person but it just escapes me when it come to Halloween costumes.  My sister and best friend on the other hand, pretty spectacularly creative and clearly cute.  Just thought I'd share a few pics with you, maybe inspire you to step up your costume this year.


Old school pic, we were in Cape Fear so this was totally appropriate

a super group

 making the dog miserable is an integral part of halloween!

another little (miserable) pirate

Is this not the sweetest home-made cupcake you have ever seen?  My sister is so creative!

YES, THIS IS A HOMEMADE COSTUME!  I told you my sister was creative, I make jewelry she makes over-sized foam food.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!