women in design

Elle Decor is one of my absolute favorite magazines and this month it does not disappoint.  In November's Women in Design feature, Elle Decor interviews Diane Von Furtenburg (women's wear designer), Deborah Berke (architect), Sheila Bridges (interior decorator), Ann Gish (textile designer) and Victoria Hagan (interior designer).


Here are a few of my favorite responses from the designers:

Diane Von Furstenburg (above) is asked, "how would you characterize great design?" and she responds:

"There's design and there's art.  Good design is total harmony.  There's no better designer than nature-- if you look at a branch or a leaf, it perfect.  It's all function,  Art is different.  It's about emotion,  It's about suffering and beauty-- but mostly suffering!"

Deborah Berke responds to the question, What is the future of design in an increasingly DIY world?

"I Don't see it as a do-it-yourself world.  I don't think most people know how to do very much with their hands, and it would be better in they did. They'd appreciate how hard it is to do something well."

Elle Decor asks Sheila Bridges. "How does it feel to be an icon for a new generation of designers?"

"Last year I was part of a panel about diversity in design, and I was surprised as many young designers of color stood in the line to meet me.  At the beginning of my career, I didn't feel like I fit in, which is a continuing challenge for nonwhite designers, from product to fashion.  Whether it's as a black interior designer or as a woman who has lost her hair because of an autoimmune disorder, I try to be as visible as possible as a role model.  I have spent my professional life focused on beauty.  A personal transformation made me redefine what beauty is."

Textile designer Ann Gish (above) responds to, "What would you tell young women starting their careers?" with:

"Your fantasy can be your goal.  When I was growing up, nobody told us that."

and last but not least Victoria Hagan is asked, "Do you have any rules?"

She answers, "Don't take yourself too seriously.  We all strive for perfection, but ultimately I think perfection is overrated."

So get out there, redefine beauty, do something well and remember perfection is overrated!