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simplify and organize
1. WALK AWAY FROM BARGINS- You really don't need 5 jars of ketchup and neither does your over crowed pantry!
2.MAKE PEACE WITH IMPREFECTIONS- Just do your BEST on the most important things, everything else just get done- this is something that is very difficult for me, but when I do it my life is so much easier!
3. NEVER LABEL ANYTHING MISC.- Really, why even bother labeling?
4. SCHEDULE REGULAR DECLUTTERING SESSIONS- scheduling is the key for almost anything you really don't want to do or really anything you really want to do
8.SEPARATE EMOTIONS FROM POSESSIONS- Basically throw away your crap!  You don't need to save everything- this is something my Dad and husband are very good at or maybe a little too good at.
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