I'm sorry I sort of started today off on the wrong foot- mostly because it started off with a conversation about taxes.  Sometimes being an adult is such a bummer and being a business owner has its perks but definitely has its down sides too- dealing with taxes is a big one in my book.  So I had to eat my way out of my funk with a little cowfish sushi bento box- yum!

Now that I'm in the proper mind set for blog writing I thought I'd share the work of Gabriel Dawe.  My parent's just left for Kauai- where you will be sure to see double rainbows on possibly a daily basis and Gabriel's work is the closest representation of a real rainbow I've ever seen.





Rainbows are such mystical things, almost like santa clause- you know something that is amazes you as a child and there is an innocence and hope and mystery that is so wonderful about them both that even as an adult they make you feel good.  Even though these are not real rainbows these pieces still give me that good feeling.  As you can see in some of the pictures above these works are created with colored string. 



I can't imagine the patience it takes to install one of these but the result is spectacular.








Well, I hope these gorgeous installations brightened your day.  If you'd like to learn more about these pieces or the artist check out Gabriel's website.

Happy Friday Y'all