all kinds of randomness

Wow, it is SEPTEMBER 6th, I can't believe it.  This year is flying by- and apparently this week has too since I haven't managed to squeeze in a single blog post until now (my head is hung in shame). 

With recovering from the long weekend, my 3+ weeks of being sick with bronchitis, a deadline that I took three steps forward with and 2 1/2 steps back, and making important kitchen decisions there hasn't been much time for me to come up with something interesting to share with you.

Some of what I've been up to over the last week...

loooooong trip to DC for a wedding over the holiday weekend.


over ordering supplies that will take me 10 years to use- yay!

There were two deliveries of bridesmaids gifts that of course I got in such a hurry I didn't take a single picture of-uh!  They were really cute, you'll just have to trust me. :)

starting to get organized- I still have loooooog way to go.


My 2 1/2 steps back- I ruined these pieces by leaving them in the acid bath for too long.  Grrrr...


Rudy has fleas and has scratched his stomach raw- yes, we are the worst parents ever.  But he has a stylish new pair of unders to protect his raw belly (built for comfort with a tail hole).  As you can see he just loves them.



Deciding on the new kitchen layout- which we have debated over for 3 years.  I can't believe we are finally doing this, of course it has taken a lot of compromising since we are doing this on a serious budget. (Also trying to get the hang of my bamboo tablet, it's pretty hard to get it to look like your handwriting- mine looks like I am writing with my non dominant hand- oh, well practice, practice, practice and I'm just noticing I forgot the d in fridge- I did erase that about 5 times and of course I settled with legible but misspelled.)


Trying to figure out where to put everything we had in the kitchen so we can start our demo- our cabinets will be here in 5 weeks!  I do think these Bertoia barstools look good pretty much anywhere.


Say good-bye to that paneling!!!


And this awkward, cramped layout.  But not to the fridge, microwave, oven and dishwasher- no money in the budget for new ones, they will have to wait.  But hopefully the cabinets and counter tops will be so pretty you won't even notice!

We are going for this look without the glass front cabinets...

Wish us luck.  I promise tomorrow I will have a good blog post for you- something artsy and cool.:)