back to school!

I can't believe my Facebook news feed is already filling up with back to school pictures!  The summer has just flown by!  Back to school time is so much more fun when you're not the one that has to go back to school-- you just get to enjoy the general excitement and some select memories from back in the day. I remember I could never sleep the night before the first day of school- tossing and turning with nervousness and anticipation.   I think I loved getting my school supplies the best.  Ahh, that fresh box of crayons- can't you just smell them???  Oh, how exciting!!! 

With all this back to school talk I thought sharing the work of Christian Faur would be appropriate...

Above the Waves

The Departure

Mortgage on the Future

And why you ask is Christian Faur's work so "appropriate" (a word I despised my entire life until I was about 25- BTW, but that is a story for another day)?  Well because this collection of work is made from over 100,000 hand cast crayons!  I bet they smell so good!

The Dance


The wind, the wind

There is a lot more to see on Christian's website, go check it out!

And Happy Back to School!