I have been waiting for this day for almost 2 months- the day I plug in my Bamboo Tablet.  My super observant best friend gave me the Bamboo for my birthday (which was July 4th)- I did have this listed under, I think it was, "want" on a blog post.

Why the wait you ask?  Well, I knew that I would need some time to get this installed and learn the ins and outs.  If I plugged the Bamboo in during the midst of a busy week, one where I haven't taken a shower in 2 days and gotten an average of 3 hours of sleep a night, I think I would be cheating myself out of something.  And if I plugged the Bamboo in during the midst of a semi busy week then I would get so wrapped up in all the bells and whistles that the week would soon become the 3 hour sleep average, my hair looks like a greasy lions mane week- and no one likes that. 

So, 51 days later, here I am, wahoo!!!

After downloading all the drivers and all that, I jump right in.

Without much success- bamboo makes my handwriting look just slightly more like a deranged lunatic, serial killer's handwriting than it does in real life.

So after being forced to shut down the program, reboot and reopen the program (the whole time wondering why in the name of all things good there is not a manual or a tutorial for this darn thing) I discover...

Oh, the tutorial. 

Some how between opening the box and downloading the programs I became a man (no offense guys, I love you but 90% of you are just awful at reading directions- admit it, it's true- it can happen to the best of us.:))

I wondering if my altered state happened when I was inturruped by something hideous...

Rudy's breath- dun-dun-DUN!!!!!  I had to stop what I was doing to brush his teeth- there was no alternative.  I'm sure the gases that I exposed myself when my head was in his mouth scrambled my brain.

Anyway, I am left with a tutorial to finish at 10:39am- a less than productive morning but that is why I waited.

So expect a suuuuper cool blog post Monday- or Tuesday depending on how things go this weekend.

Have a good one! :)