and... i'm back!

A year older and a little more relaxed I'm back to blogging and trying to get back to work- it's so hard after a long break!

I was in Baltimore with my family for some sister (&brother in law) time and to celebrate my and my Mom's birthday.

Here's how it went...

waffle making (poor mom with her arm braces- from a recent car accident),

festive backyard decorating,

boys cooking,

boys cooking some more,

painstaking cake decorating,

candle lighting- when you're 30 it takes at least half the family to get all the candles lit,


making wishes,

playing cards- this is phase 10,

enjoying a roof top view,

enjoying the fireworks and a blood orange moon,

playing with fire,

playing the statue of liberty,

squeezing in the car,

eating at Fadley's- best crabcake ever!

loving my husband,

loving my best friend and cake left overs,

and celebrating another birthday and of course enjoying more cake!

Oh I love my little family! 

So I'm hoping tomorrow I will be recovered from all the driving, all the fun and all the cake eating! 

Better blogging tomorrow!:)