We have some friends that just had a baby and they named her Noelani, they are not Hawaiian, honestly I'm not sure where it came from but I LOVE it!  Anyway, randomly I run across a website yesterday, Noelani Designs.  Now, I had to check out the website because it is Hawaiian and I love all things Hawaiian and I was curious.

The first thing I notice is the super fit Hawaiian modeling the pieces and I say a little prayer to myself that she is a model and not Noelani.




That actually is Noelani.  Damn it.

  I want to live in Hawaii (we are working on it- just have to get my parents to move too), have a super fit surfer body, be gorgeous and have my own jewelry business. 

Okay, one down, three to go.

Anyway, I love Noelani Love's designs, very Hawaiian, laid back and beautiful.



Noelani is wearing the fun and colorful small Bobby earrings


I love turquoise and these small Kumi earrings and spirit necklace are perfect staples



These mini Keiki earrings are probably my favorite



The Barbie earrings are a lively play on the classic hoop


This Gail necklace is part of the Weilele Collection- this style in a bunch of different colors


These earrings are Noelani's signature piece, the Signature Leaf- Love.

While perusing her website I learned a few things about Noelani, she started making jewelry in college.  She is a single mom and has an adorable little boy, Aukai.

via FLUX Hawaii

There is a great article about Noelani in Flux Hawaii about being a single mom and an entrepreneur.  I love what she says about her life,

“It’s all a dream come true, I represent a dreamer’s lifestyle, just always being loving, improving yourself and the world around you, standing up for what you believe in, and owning your power.”

What a sweet sounding life, enjoying what you have, trying to be a good person, living what you love.

I'm ready to pack my bathing suit, how about you?

Noelani has her pieces in three main land stores and one happens to be in Charlotte, NC! 

Click her cute logo for Noelani Designs Retailers.