cutest thing evvveeerr!

I am a total mess this week but it's for a good reason.  I got to take a little trip to D.C./Baltimore last week for some much needed "sister-time", thanks to the best parents in the world!:) 

My little sister and her husband have been living in Baltimore for almost a year now and I miss her sooooooo much, which I guess is good because it's a result of loving her and having a good relationship with her- which I'm so grateful for.  Anyway, while I was there she showed me some of the cutest pictures I've ever seen (by Jason Lee) and I thought you might get a kick out of them too.  






Ahhhhhhh!!!!  Are these not the cutest???  I guess I love them so much because they remind me of me and my sister when we were kids, thick as thieves  and with smiles plastered on our faces the whole time.




I read on mymodernmet that Jason Lee started photographing his children when his mother  was in the hospital and he wasn't able to take his girls to see her because they were always sick so he started a blog so she could see what was going on in their lives and it turned in to this.  You should really check out the blog, there are so many sweet pictures on there, you can really see how much the girls love each other and how much the dad loves them by the way he captures every little detail, plus the photography is absolutely fantastic. I just love it, having a sister is the best!  There is no better friend than a sister.


And thank God for mine!  Miss you little misky!  xoxoxo