take care of yourself

Soooo, I have to admit I've been pretty bad at taking care of myself lately.  I've had so much going on lately I haven't gotten enough sleep or exercise and when I do have time to eat I'm not always making the best choices.  When I was away in Baltimore last week my best friend Nikki showed me this TED video that reminded me of the power of healthy eating.  By the way if you haven't checked out TED, you must, it's an amazing website with tons of cool, interesting info.



So Im going to start doing myself a favor and start taking a little better care of myself.  Here are a few cool tools I've found that can help...




Looks pretty cool to me!  They are only $150 and come in small, medium and large, which is great for me since I have the wrists of a 10 year old.


This is a fab app that helps you track your eating and exercise via calorie count.  You set a goal, My Fitness Pal tells you how many calories you can eat each day in order to reach your goal.  Then you enter in what you eat through out the day- there is even a barcode scanner to make it really easy for you.  You also enter in the exercise you do so if you work calories off you can eat more!  Love it, it's a little addictive.  Here are some screen shots so you can see what its all about, or just down load it- it's free!



This app allows you to set goals and choose work outs to meet your goals. 



Choose a drill and listen to your music while you work out, you can also view instructions on how to do the drills or watch a video. 

Another sweet, FREE app!  Thanks Nike!

Please let me know what tools you use to stay healthy and in shape, I'd love to hear about them!

Now time to Just Do It ;)