my weekend

I hope you all had a great one.  I'm still recovering from mine, some of that exhaustedness is from the 8 hour drive up to DC and back, a complete lack of sleep, and of course all the shananigans that go along with a bachelorette party. I need another weekend. 

This is what went down...

8 hour drive to DC, of course the traffic gets all the more insane the closer we get.  Before we left the south we spotted this hideous Lilly Pulitzer-esque Jeep.

I was driving the bride, but before we could get the party started we had to rush to her dress fitting- which was absolutely gorgeous.  Then it was off to Rio Grande for some spectacular skinny margaritas which I neglected to snap any pic of because I was having too much fun.

The next day we had a little shower for the bride.

The hostess had everything perfectly decorated in a purple and black theme and for an extra thoughtful touch had pictures of the future bride and groom framed for the bride to take home- so sweet. 

She even had these cute little moleskin notebooks as favors for the guests (and I LOVE those LePens).

The cake was delicious.

Red Velvet, one of my favs.:)

Then it was off to the W Hotel to get ready for the night- a little chaos in the elevator...

We had a table or I should say 3 couches on the rooftop bar.

The bar is called POV, which stands for Point of View since you get a beautiful view of downtown Washington.

Which also includes a stunning view of the Washington Monument.

I had such a blast with these ladies!

But I'm glad to have made it home in one piece.

And now it's back to the grind...