in with the new

The Anthropologist has long been one of my favorite blogs, always with an interesting story, artfully photographed or skillfully filmed.  I've shared several stories from the Anthropologist right here on the blog- here's one and another.

I have to admit I've gotten pretty behind on my blog reading lately and the other night I decided I'd take a little time to catch up.  Much to my surprise the Anthropologist is no more and we are left with the Magazine.

Don't get me wrong, the Magazine is no dog, it's just not the work of art that The Anthropologist was.  The Magazine is more like a typical blog, sharing recipes, cute little tid bits and promoting Anthropologie products.  Never fear, there is still the occasional riveting interview and I even found two beautiful videos.  Michelle Cotton and Tara Kolla share their sentiments about their sustainably managed farms.

Michelle, from Inner Gardens, a micro sustainable farm...


I seriously want to go milk a goat now...

I think I need to email Michelle and tell her about biodegradable pots made from paper and peat moss, it seems a little strange to see her planting her seedlings in those black plastic walmart pots.


Tara and her pesticide free urban flower garden, Silverlake Farms...


Okay, that's it.  Inspired!  I'm headed out to see how things are going in my garden (also pesticide free but mostly because I'm lazy).  If you haven't planted yours you'd better get to it, why not have plants that feed you???  It's easy and plants do so much better when they're planted in the ground rather than in a pot, you don't have to worry so much about watering.  For an easy resource on gardening go to the How to Grow tab on the Bonnie Plants website.