It has been pretty much miserably humid for the last few days.  I'm not complaining, we need the rain.  It comes at the perfect time for my little backyard garden that Jeremy and I planted this weekend.


We pretty much failed with our tomatoes last year so we went with several different varieties in the hopes that we would get at least a few red, ripe, juicy fruits to our table- because home grown is sooo much better. I'll let you know how it goes. 

We also planted several varieties of peppers and some ichiban eggplants which I love on the grill- my mouth is watering just thinking about them.  I hope to add in a few more plants this week, we still have a row and a half to fill!

Oh, by the way if you're going to plant a garden lay down this ground cover like we have done, it prevents weeds from growing and really helps to cut down your maintenance.  And don't forget to put a little fence around it to keep the bunnies out.



The less work we make for our selves the better since we have so much to do in our backyard, or maybe I should say jungle.  With Jeremy's new chain saw, a pair of beastly trimmers and some elbow grease we cleaned out a lot of the under brush and random scraggly trees so at least it looks like a semi tame jungle.



It's hard to believe it looks like that after we took all this out...



Anyway, as gross as it is outside I love the rain for my garden and I love this beautiful rain installation by Stacee Kalmanovsky that I found on Behance.



So random, I know, it's pretty much the story of my life.