I have some incredibly talented friends.

The one I think I've known for the longest happens to live right here in Charlotte, lucky me. 

We met in middle school in Northern VA.  I loved her for her dry sense of humor and no nonsense attitude, which she still has 14 years later, lucky me. 

We lost touch over the years and a few years ago we realized we practically lived down the street from each other and we picked up right where we left off, lucky me.

She has proven to be a true friend, someone I can talk to and share my feelings with.  She is someone that understands me and the struggles of following my dreams.  She was there for me during a really difficult time, I needed her and she was there, lucky me.



That's her, Amanda Pagliarini, or as her middle school friends know her- Mandi.  Mandi spent several years as a free lance writer so that she could follow her dreams and finish the book she was writing, she is now the editor of nFocus magazine. I was proud of her for following her dreams (even though she has never let me read her book) and I'm so proud of her now because nFocus is a glossy, smart, well written, beautiful magazine.



I love flipping through the pages that are the product of my friend's hard work.



Of course it makes it extra exciting that I was given the opportunity to cover an event for NFocus.  This is my first published article.:)



And because I wrote an article I got to have a little bio on the contributers page!



Another talented friend, Ginger Salmon took that picture of Rudy and me.

Annnnndd I have an ad in nFocus too!  A big one.  I had to throw this together last minute, notice anything wrong????  How embarrassing! 



Enough about me.  This post is really to tell everyone how proud I am of my friend.  And to tell you to go pick up the first issue of nFocus!!!!  You can find it at local boutiques and Harris Teeters.

In Mandi's editor's letter she writes...

As a writer, I have always strived to publish content that would do some good.  It could be as simple as making someone smile, or helping to show something in a new way.

I did not think I would be able to feel accomplished or proud until the day I published a book and spotted it in the hands of a reader.  But serving to bolster the philanthropists, nonprofits, artists and community builders in this city is an honor I can say I am exceedingly proud of.

Well my friend, you are a wonderful, kind-hearted and talented person. You've done well and you should be so proud!  Obviously I am.:)