you know what tomorrow is...

If you don't know what tomorrow is you're probably a man (no offense).  If you really don't know what tomorrow is I'll save you from straining your brain- it is the most worthless holiday we celebrate all year long- Valentine's Day.  Not to be a hater but... I hate V-Day, it's just not all it's cracked up to be. 

I love my husband- A LOT, he is awonderful guy (I mean could he get much cuter?  He IS as sweet as he is handsome) and I should make sure he knows how much I love him EVERY DAY- not once a year.  So even though I am a total hater I still am not willing to risk seeming completely unromantic and neither should you- even though it's almost completely last minute you can still pull it together.  Here are a few cute suggestions for a full day of romance via GOOP...

Before they wake up: preload a fun/sexy/romatic play list on to your sweetie's i-pod- so sad the days of receiving a "mixed tape" are gone

Before they get up: prepare a quick breakfast in bed (suggestions include yogurt parfait or omelet and don't forget the joe) what a lovely surprise for a week day.

mid day: (this is my absolute fav)  Set an alarm on your lover's phone to ring mid day with a message to check pocket/desk/wallet for a sweet note/picture/gift you have hidden for them

And the rest of the day continues with the classic yet predictable flower delivery, home made dinner and late night friskiness.


Another route which is always a hit is a hand made card and some honest words from the heart- you can't go wrong there.  A link to some suggestions from Papersouce to get your creative juices flowing.  And of course if your juices are all dried up you could always resort to copying words from someone else's heart which might be the best route for some of you (no offense). Last year I posted some sweet cards, you can start plagiarizing here.

What ever you do tomorrow just love someone- even if that someone is your mom or your sister or your dog.:)