some help

Guys, again I am here to help you, really.  And this time it is not about my products.:)  Just wanted to give you another little reminder and a little insight into the female heart.

Women love gifts, of course, and I know you know that.  What women really love are thoughtful gifts.  I know, that really makes it a whole lot harder.  Your goal is to go out and buy her something she would never buy for herself but really wants.  Or you could get a nice card and a massage- not a "massage", I mean one from a professional- get your mind out of the gutter.

Whether I get Jeremy a gift or not I always give him a really nice, sweet card, I don't really think he cares but it is important to me to find just the right one.   Here is what I mean...

I found this in a box of old pictures, when he was my fiance

 I love him!

This is a line of cards I absolutely adore-

I have a tear in my eye, so sweet.  If you are in Charlotte you can get these lovely cards and many others at Paper Skyscraper.  Now giddy up.