I am absolutely in love with Marimekko.  The bold, colorful, patterns and straight forward designs get me every time. 


You may have seen Marimekko tablecloths and bedding at Crate and Barrel over the years or if you are a Sex and the City fan you've seen Carrie Bradshaw sporting Merimekko on several occasions.The Finnish textile company first became popular in the US when fashion icon, Jackie Kennedy, posed for the cover of Sports Illustrated in a sleeveless red Marimekko dress and wore Marimekko throughout the 1960 presidential campaign.



Unikko is one of Marimekko's most iconic patterns, designed by Maija Isola in 1964 (shown below with Aarre).  Isola also designed the recognizable Kaivi, Seireeni, Kivet and Lokki patterns.


Unikko is also featured on the classic All Stars in Marimekko's recent collaboration with Converse.


A flagship Marimekko store is opening this Fall in NYC at the intersection of Fifth and Broadway and of course you can still find the pretty patterns at Crate and Barrel.


Thanks to this post I may have my throw pillow problem solved...