sinkside special

Last week while I was in a cute local shop, FABO (Fabulous Art Buying Opportunity), I saw these wobbly bowls by local artist, Barbara Chadwick.  They are perfect for a sinkside ring holder.

And because I am always misplacing my jewelry I couldn't resist, I took this one home...

It seems to represents everything going on in my world right now.   A nice daily reminder that life is crazy but yet the font seems to say; yeah, it's crazy but it's pretty great too- sometimes I need that reminder -the great part I mean.

I recently bought another sinkside jewelry bowl that makes me smile, this little humuhumunukunukuapuaa, the Hawaiian state fish, is a souvenir that I bought while on my Kauian vacation.  I love that I have a daily reminder of this great time in my life. (shown with the rivers ring)

Since I love my sinkside ring bowls so much I thought I'd find one you might love too and I remembered Paloma's Nest.  Check out these beautiful bowls...