take your dog!

I just wanted you to be aware that June 24th, this Friday, is take your dog to work day!  Yay!

You can go to the official web site www.takeyourdog.com (shown above) to learn all about the big day and even get tips on how to make sure Friday is a success.  If you decide to take Rover to work with you don't forget...

  • A pet or baby gate, so you can restrict your pet to your office area or cubicle.
  • A water bowl and some treats, plus a plastic mat for under the bowl can help prevent stains on the office carpeting.
  • A bed or soft sleeping mat and a couple of familiar toys.
  • Don’t forget plastic baggies for cleaning up after your pet!

I hope you can convince your boss, having man's best friend with you all day is great.  I love that Rudy comes to work with me every day.:)