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I know a lot of young entrepreneurs.  They inspire me.  I need a lot of inspiration.

I have been spending waaay too much time having fun lately, I can't believe I am even saying that.  But the summer months have proved to be a busy time and that is why I have not been blogging as consistently as I like (5 days a week, posted before 8am).  But all the time I have spent laying on the beach has given me more time to flip through magazines that I normally don't have the time to read and magazines of all types are a great source of inspiration for me which leads me to the true topic of this blog...

Taylor Gourmet.


Young Entrepreneurs Casey Patten and David Mazza took a chance in 2007, buying a run down 3 story building on the semi sketchy H Street NE, in Washington DC, an area that has pretty much been neglected since the late 60's but is now very slowly seeing life breathed back into it.

Here is a nice before and after shot of their building.  The two floors on top are where Casey and David renovated apartments for themselves, with a lot of demo and creativity they have two great spaces.

I am such a sucker for exposed brick...

Taylor Gourmet is equally as cool, sustainable and creative.  Because of their limited budget, Casey and David told their architect to use the cheapest materials possible but in a really cool way.  These are my kind of guys.:)

I LOVE the garage door, I want one for my house so bad.

What more can you ask for in the story of a pair of successful, young entrepreneurs?  Creativity, sustainability, revitalization, and good food.  Love it!

Taylor Gourmet has a great website, you must check it out.  And to bring this all full circle this story is from the article Hoagies Heros by Aaron Britt (photography by João Canziani) from the Dwell Magazine website.