the uncommon beauty of common things

"The uncommon beauty of common things", the words of the iconic husband and wife design team, Charles and Ray Eames.  The Eameses are best known for their mid century modern furniture designs that remain classic, collectables 60 years later.

The A+D Museum Los Angles is celebrating a different side of the Eameses, their words, in the current exhibition appropriately named "Eames Words" showing until January 16th.


The design team in charge of the Eames Words installation was inspired by the book "100 Quotes By Charles Eames".  Deborah Sussman of the design firm Sussman/Prejza and one of the creators of the exhibit explains, “there is an aspect of Charles and Ray’s lives and genius that is far lesser known — what they said and what they wrote and what they loved and celebrated.”

I love this idea of appreciating the the ordinary things around us, finding beauty and inspiration in them.  I feel like this is a gift that artists are given, a way of seeing things that others can't, it is really a wonderful way to see the world.  I love being able to see beauty where others don't, it's like having another set of eyes or being able to read invisible ink, it's kind of a secret super power.

The Eames' incites into the world and their surroundings are illustrated by what other than ordinary, everyday objects.  Finding beauty in utility is a gift but integrating beauty in utility is a talent and one that was very important to the Eameses design philosophy.  Charles Eames was once asked what was more important beauty or function, I love his reply, "I should make a choice between keeping my head or my heart?”

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