blog drought..

So sorry for the blog drought, it has been a busy few weeks trying to get ready for shows and building up inventory for the holidays.  I'm unfortunately known in my family for being a horrendous time manager, always hoping that because I want to complete a task in an hour means that I will be able to, not the case.

Since I've been MIA lately just thought I'd let you know what has been keeping me from my blog responsibilities...

art market at plaza muse, charlotte.




visit to 'Pig town" aka Baltimore for my first trunk show!

(my old apartment on Grace St.)

And on the way home a stop into Richmond to pick up some VCU gear, visit with some dear old friends and eat at the best restaurant in the whole world, Edo's Squid (411 N. Harrison St.).

So after lots of fun, lots of delicious food, some sweet sister time and too many hours on the road I am home and getting back to work.  A more interesting blog post tomorrow, I promise:)

And thank you, thank you, thank you to all those who came to the trunk show, it was a blast and your support means so much!