a day for the dogs

The Annual Rural Hill Sheep Dog Trails were this weekend, a great excuse to get out, enjoy the fall weather and give your dog a little excitement.  These shepherds are absolutely amazing animals, athletic, obedient and sharp as tacks; instructed through the trial solely by the whistles of their masters.

The working dogs have a set amount of time (I think at Rural Hill they have 9 minutes) to drive the sheep through a series of fences, around a pole, through another set of fences, then they must split the herd of sheep in half and then drive the flock into a pin.  I am sure there are other elements to the trial but this is what I gathered by observation alone.

Everyone loves to watch the shepherds work their magic...

There are also agility, speedball and rally shows to see...

Between shows there is an opportunity to see how your dog fairs on the courses. 

First we show Rudy how it's done.

Then he does anything but what we show him.

And he finally gets it, yay!

Rudy had to be bribed to get through the tunnel, he would probably clean my bathroom for a treat.

In addition to the shows there of course is lots of dog watching...

So many puppies!  I want one!

Shelties (like Rudy but these are merles, Rudy is a bi-black).<3



The big boys are back in town.

A couple of flyball dogs.


I love these guys but the real show is with the herders...


And at the end of the day, we were all happy.

I encourage you to go next year, some how the weather is always beautiful the weekend of the trials and it's just a nice, relaxing way way to spend the day.  I do warn you if you do not have a dog you might have to stop by the humane society on the way home to find your new best friend.  So glad I have mine.:)