a little more eames

So earlier this week I shared some info with you on an Eames exhibit in Los Angeles and in learning about that exhibit I ran across a bunch of cool Eames info, so I thought I'd share for the other design nerds out there; it's so 50', slightly awkward and kind of "Leave it to Beaver".  Charles Eames is so cute...

Introducing the now iconic Eames Lounge Chair. 

A little bit about the Eames house, other projects and the assembly of the Eames Lounge Chair...

This is a pretty comprehensive overview of much of the Eameses work.  I really included this video because I love the opening picture of Charles and Ray on the motorcycle- I so want to be them (except with cooler clothes).   I am also in love with the song "Could Be Anything" by the defunct band; The Eames Era.

So there you go, happy Friday!

I think I might have to buy myself this poster.:)