I try not to get too personal in my blog entries, no one really cares what I do or wear every day.  But the weekend of the Autumn Leaves Festival is a tradition I was introduced to when I got married and I have really come to enjoy it so I thought I'd share.

First let me say that my husband is from Mt. Airy which is the home of Andy Griffith.  Mt. Airy is the inspiration for the fictional Mayberry, a small, charming, picturesque town where everyone knows each other by name and innocence still exist, Mt Airy is exactly like that today.  Each year we go up to Mt. Airy for a big family get together on Friday and the Autumn Leave Festival on Saturday.  My mother in law LOVES to decorate, I thought you might enjoy a few pics...

Anyway, Autumn Leaves is your typical street festival lined with booths brimming with hand made crafts, great people watching and the smells of anything delicious and fried you can think of.  If you go next year you MUST try a ground steak sandwich it is soooo good but you can get an even better one at the Dairy Center any day of the week.

 My Opie, although about a thousand times cuter than Ron Howard.



The longest line at the Festival, for a Collard Greens Sandwich...


Cornbread, collard greens, fatback.  I don't wait in this line.


 And this year we went to the car show...

Which I was honestly pumped about.


I LOVE old cars, I love the chrome and the attention to detail. 


Ahh, the Corvette Stingray, my dream car.   I'd be happy with any year between a '63 and '82, incase you happen to have one laying around.


There is just something so American about the whole thing. 


I hate to say it but they just don't make 'em like they used to.


In addition to drooling over these beautiful cars I get a lot of jewelry inspiration from the shapes, curves, grills, shiney emblems and detailed parts.


I know it sounds kind of funny but I can pretty much get jewelry ideas from anything well designed.  I never know where it will come from.


Sorry for all the pics, I just couldn't help myself!


Gorgeous huh?


 As you can see they pretty much have a little something for everyone at the car show...


And the weekend ended with the annual church spaghetti super, it is Mt. Airy, how else would you expect this weekend to end? :)

Now back to work.