oh, christian!

We have Christian Louboutin's "monsterous" sisters to thank for this...


Have you ever been to the official Christian Louboutin website?  It is actually surpisingly funky and kind of fun, it's like it is almost poking fun at it's self.

It might be totally boring for you but I love watching interviews with designers, I guess it's because when you know a designer's name you know them as their products not as a person.  I love it when a designer becomes popular and they make these incredibly sexy things and you see the designer and it's some old crusty man with a fake tan and a shirt too unbuttoned. 

I guess I kind of look at designers the way a lot of people look at celebrities- most people would love to meet say, Brad Pitt, I could care less about sitting next to Brad Pitt on an airplane, I want to sit next to Cesar Pelli or Ralph Lauren or Kate and Laura Mulleavy.

Here is THE Mr. Christian Louboutin talking about his career and muse...

I'm not pretending that I will ever have a pair of Louboutins but I'm not pretending I don't want one.:)

Once again I have to say- thank God for sisters!