a little lost

I have yet to get my 2011 calendars because of all this darn snow and ice and I am really starting to feel a little lost without them.  And yes I said calendar S.  I can admit that I am slightly obsessed with list making, cool jackets and watches, modern furniture, ice cream/frozen yogurt/gelato, and apparently calendars.

There are just so many cool calendars out there, I would love to cover an entire wall with them- too bad they are only good for one year. 

Linda and Harriett 2011 Letterpress Calendar

Seesaw Letterpress nice and clean

Ilee letterpress and screenprint (LOVE June, July and August)

Winifred Studios- so cute!

 Fabien Barral- 12 months to Understanding Design and Designers Calendar

The truth is that it is not totally unreasonable to need more than one calendar, I have one calendar in our kitchen- a sort of communication with my husband.  I have decided on this really large one from Paper Source for this years kitchen calendar, made from recycled brown paper bags- how earth friendly.


 two in my office- one is a huge wall decal that I can write all over and another is a small cool letterpress desk calendar from jack and lulu.


lastly and most importantly is my personal calendar that I carry around with me everywhere- this is last years version, I created it on power point and print it off on cardstock.  I also LOVE this Levenger Cira system I have been using for the last few years, the circles in middle hold the pages together and they allow you to be able to take a page out and put it right back in if you want, kind of like a binder but not such a pain and waaaay cooler.

So if you are not a "calendar person" or you have been stuck inside with cabin fever like I have maybe you want to spend a little time today searching for the perfect calendar and get off your butt and buy one, like my Dad always says; organization is half the battle